JaywalkersPH thirty seven thousand feet high and rising | i write, i shoot, i sing, and then i speak

bugles and prisms. letters and colors. black keys, white keys. strings and things. light and dark. glows and sparks. i am the "boy falls from the sky" and the "blackbird singing in the dead of night".
this blog is mostly about my random thoughts, random shots and random notes.. everything i post is mine oh mine..

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i write, i shoot, i sing, and then i speak

I made a mark in the world at the time i was born. i am unique, i am special. I’ve done wrong and i’ve done things right, but i learn from whats wrong, and make them right. Imperfect that i am, i make up for with my optimism. i see what else can be done and how things could be made better, rather than looking at how impossible or difficult the way things are. Regretting is one thing i avoid. I make the most out of every circumstance, good or bad. and i take pride in everything i do, mediocre or outstanding.

Now, this blog is dedicated to my playful hands and mind. You may notice no coherence in the posts, but hey, thats what makes life interesting, randomness and extemporaneity.  And while everything in this blog is authentically mine, friends are welcome to take part in this canvass of imagination i create.

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